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OUR STORY........

Our little farm started in 1997 and is located at Lost Mountain area in Powder Springs which is in the North West Suburbs of Atlanta Georgia. It all started with a pair of peacocks...and a few chickens. Delores says "little did I know we were actually starting a farm, BUT I think Rick secretly had it planned all along. I just suckered right into his little trap. But if the truth be told now, it didn't take very long for the animals to become my passion as well"!!! Through all of the trials and tribulations, they are so worth the love and effort! So now Rick is fulfilling his childhood dream!!

We raise exotic animals that are REGISTERED, such as: Llamas, Pygmy Goats, Miniature Donkeys and Great Pyrenees Dogs (the herd protectors). Wandering around the farm you will also see Emus, Mallard Ducks, all kinds of Chickens, Guineas, Peacocks, Cats....and the list goes on. You never know what is going to take up residence! We have quite a large menagerie of farm animals. One thing for sure, if you live on our farm, you will be well fed and spoiled rotten.

Not only do we raise very happy, loved and healthy animals, we also try to educate you on the purchase of your breed. The truth is that Delores will probably tell you more than you will ever want to know! She feels like the more you are educated, the better you can take care of your new pet. I do not sell an animal without insisting on you keeping in contact from time to time to give me an update of their well being. I feel it is important unless you have already had experience.Our animals are not born out in a pasture and left there. They are very loved and socialized as much as possible. We take their health and loving them very seriously!

Once you spend a few minutes with us, you will know that we are very passionate about our "PETS" and consider them our babies. We love animals (God's Creatures) and honestly feel rewarded for taking care of them. Just spending a few minutes in the barnyard will warm your heart and put a smile on your face. It is the cheapest therapy you can get! They all just want to be LOVED. After 12+ years of observing, there is so much you can learn from them. They really are smart and ARE NOT just dumb animals. They all have their own individual personalities.

Golden Pond Farms is not open to the public, but if you are interested in purchasing an animal from us please call us to schedule an appointment to visit our farm.



Every year we pick a theme to name all of the animals. We do this because #1 it makes it fun, but #2 so that we can keep up easily the year animals are born. I know when two animals were born the same year just based on their names. Look below to see the current theme or themes of the past.

2013 - Coffee

2014 - Classics of Hollywood

2015 - Jazz Musicians

2016 - Nuts

2017 - Game of Thrones Characters


" All Creatures Great and Small, God made them One, He Made them All"

Golden Pond Farms


Holly Berry on the daily  show

Holly Berry our Pygmy Goat on the set filming for the Daily Show with John Olliver


Calvary Children's Home

Calvary Children's Home for their Open House on May 5th, 2012

Calvary Children's Home

Calvary Children's Home

Calvary Children's Home

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Addison's Lamb


pyr pups


We are proud members of the following animal organizations:

783 Holland Road | Powder Springs, GA 30127 | Lindsey Morrison Phone: (770) 722-6669 | E-mail:

National Pygmy Goat AssociationNPGA-Logo

International Llama Registry


American Kennel Club


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